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Judo - The Way of Gentleness

Crescentwood Community Center
1170 Corydon Ave.
Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3M 0Z1
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About the Sakura Dojo

Sakura Dojo is a proud member of Judo Manitoba.

The Sakura Dojo focuses on training individuals in the technical aspects of competitive judo, recreational judo and traditional Kodokan Judo. Although we are a small club, individuals benefit from highly individualized and personalized instruction.

Sakura Dojo emphasizes a non-competitive environment for individuals to learn a fun and effective martial art.

Featured Video from the Sakura Dojo

Sensei Brian demonstrates the De Ashi Harai throw.

What Sakura Dojo Teaches

Instruction at the Sakura Dojo emphasizes the following techniques:
Nage Waza - Throwing Techniques
Katame Waza (Ne Waza) - Grappling Techniques

A typical class at the Sakura Dojo consists of:
Warm up/stretching - 15 minutes
Uchikomi/drills - 15 minutes
Technical Instruction (i.e. throws, grappling, submissions, chokes) - 60 minutes
Misc. (continued technical instruction, randori, self-defense, kata) - 30 minutes

What you can expect from your first couple classes:
After warm up, new students will work with an instructor or senior student to learn some judo fundamentals. By the 3rd class, most students can participate with the regular class.

Fees and Registration

Fees Breakdown:

Crescent Community Center Fee/Sakura Dojo Fee: $155.00 (8 month program)
Judo Manitoba Fees: $15.00

Uniform (Gi) Costs:
Uniforms can range from $40 up to $400. It's not necessary or recommended to spend much more than $40. Note: uniforms available to borrow if you are interested in trying out a class.

Uniforms can be ordered by the Head Sensei.

For additional information email Sensei Brian Jones: